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About KeyHydra

  • KeyHydra is A User Experience Software 
  • KeyHydra is Made Of  Three Tools Actually
  1. KeyHydra Shortcuts.
  2. KeyHydra LazerCut.
  3. KeyHydra WheelControl.

KeyHydra Goal is to enhance user’s speed and confort.

Our work process is based on sorcery and magic. We would like to, but …  We have to admit that we are definitely not magicians. We just know the software we are using because we have been using it everyday since 1998. Yes, we designed  spaceships and dinosaurs with Max R2 and Bryce then we grew up  [And continue doing spaceships dinosaurs, guns, and cars :-)] but we also learned from other talented persons.


Through talks, chat and meetings we have learned that artists do not just need some new “super uber mega top new feature or software”. No, what they really want and need is “time”. .


So we will try to help your everyday workflow to be lighter and easier. We will analyze and track down what is painful and time-consuming.


Then, we would like to offer you some more time to focus on what is really important to you [that can be the art you are working on, or your family, or maybe yourself]. We want to offer you more time to focus on what is really important to you instead of doing repetitive tasks and kilometers of computer mouse per day.