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How to Uninstall KeyHydra ?

KeyHydra can be uninstalled from Windows Command Pannel or Windows Settings Apps

However Sometimes the KeyHydra team could ask you to manually uninstall KeyHydra.

Here are the steps For a Manual Uninstallation [Please do it all, keyhydra is a complex peace of software it is installed in lot of places :

  1. Backup your keyhydra profile and keyhydra shortcut  use the luggage icon for that
  2. Uninstall keyhydra from windows command panel or settingsà apps for windows 10.
  3. Than go here and delete all keyhydra stuffs remaining and or Hydra C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2021\Plugins
  4. Same here C:\Users\Massimo\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 – 64bit\ENU\usermacros [replace my user name by your]
  5. Same here C:\Users\Massimo\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 – 64bit\ENU\plugcfg_ln
  6. Delete everything here C:\Users\Massimo\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2021 – 64bit\ENU\plugcfg_ln\ArmorPack
  7. Execute the latest installer.

Can I count on receiving a new license every time I ask for it if I run it trouble?

All our licenses are non transferable, so if you want to use Keyhydra on more than two machines [Personal License] or server [Studio License] you will need to purchase more than one license.

But in some specific we will allow the transfer :

-If user changed PC during the subscription.
-If user changed motherboard during subscription.
-If user change ethernet card.

However if you run in a really specific case just contact the support, we will try to help during your subscription.

The transfer is actually  a manuall process done by our team, it can’t be used everyday or every week for computer change [exemple from Workstation to laptop, etc …].

All abusive request will be bounced.

What even happens if I reinstall 3DsMax? Do I lose my license forever?

Not at all, the license is attached to the MAC address so if you re install Max you will keep your license. In case of problem just contact the support we will help you.

What will happen after my 1 year subscription end ?

Once your subscription over you will have to purchase a new 1 year license key. KeyHydra will not work anymore on your system otherwise.

I just bought a license and it’s not working what should i do ?

We made a video for you [Please watch it] : https://vimeo.com/275116322


-First things to check :

  1. Active Internet connexion is required. [No Internet = No KeyHydra].
  2. Do not have 2 versions of 3dstudio max open at the same time. [Please check the windows task manager]
  3. Check windows task manager FOR “acLAN.exe” [In the Details Tab]. If “acLAN.exe” is missing go to ‘If the server is not running above’
  4. Press the windows key/or Windows Start Menu and type : ‘Monitor’ it will open the ‘Lan License Server Window’ there you should see if the server is running on your machine or not.
  5. If you Motherboard or Ethernet Card changed, it mean that your MAC Address changed –> You need to contact support.
  6. If for any reason your MAC address changed you need to contact the support –> You need to contact support.

-If the server is running :

  1. Restart max and than go to Main Menu –> KeyHydra –> Show
  2. The Keyhydra window will open from there just go to : ‘Help’ menu and press ‘Check license’
  3. Wait 5 seconds.
  4. Than go to ‘Help’ menu ‘about’
  5. If status is ‘Ok to run’ you’re done !
  6. If status is still ‘Can’t check in’ you should probably contact us : sales@onikanabo.com

-If the server is not running :

  1.  Be sure you installed it within the KeyHydra installer [it’s required].
  2. You can start the Licensing Server Manually –> Windows Start Menu –> Activation Cloud –> Start [Please right click run as administrator].
  3. Wait a bit and launch max.

My question is not in the FAQ or I hate FAQ what should i do ?

Just write us, we will answer your questions : sales@onikanabo.com